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In 1981 with my diploma by the High School of the Arts in my pocket, a lot of courage and a pinch of foolhardiness I inaugurated “Il Pellicano” pottery craftshop. A slightly exotic name in a medieval town like Siena, but it brought luck to my activity. With devotion and a little bit of sacrifice I succeeded in also inaugurating a shop where I sell my ceramic products.

My co-workers and I paint landscapes, floral designs and also styles from Renaissance with the enthusiasm that every craftsman puts in to his/her work. I have the great satisfaction in having my pottery delivered all over the world.

I love to create what my fantasy suggests, but I am also pleased to execute what I am asked to do. So anywhere you are, if you want something unique in your home and completely hand-made with  passion and love for this old craft, I am at your disposal. My brushes and colours will be able to satisfy your wish for something precious that lasts for long.

If you have the chance to visit my beautiful town, come and see me at my craftshop in the heart of Siena. I will be happy to show you my ceramics and if you want also to teach you this ancient art. I also give courses on pottery for beginners and advanced or for all those people who are fascinated by this art and want to learn this old craft.

I will be waiting for you!

Elisabetta Ricci

Simona Ciani

Il Pellicano Laboratorio Ceramiche Artistiche - Via di Diacceto n. 17/A - 53100 Siena

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